Assess and Plan

Applying the methods of the Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit, this option provides an assessment of how cases are processed in your system as well as recommendations for change. While requiring more time upfront for the local program and the Gender Violence Institute (GVI), this consultation could save you months of work and kick-start any new or floundering CCR.

Working with GVI, the local site first determines the steps it would like to examine/assess in the processing of a criminal justice case (from the 911 call through case disposition) and then gathers the policies, protocols, procedures and case reports to be examined to assess current practices.        

For example, if your community wanted to examine the individual and inter-agency responses of  the agencies involved in a case from the 911 call through the arrest decision, you would gather all the relevant documents that guide how the involved agencies respond, as well as 15- 20 dispatch tapes or transcripts, 15-20 law enforcement reports or statements, and other relevant documentation generated by this case.

GVI will examine the documentation, compare it with best practices, and write a report that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the involved agency’s current response. Once completed, a daylong meeting will be scheduled between the Gender Violence Institute consultant and key CCR representatives in your community to discuss the assessment and together develop a plan for implementing the adjustments and changes needed to strengthen your CCR.

In order for organizers and participants to derive maximum benefit from the consultation, we suggest other technical assistance options.