Key Players
Community Response Summit

This one-day round-table is intended for one or two key representatives from each agency participating in the local Coordinated Community Response (CCR).  Ideally, this event will follow – and participants will have attended – the Creating an Effective Coordinated Community Response to Battering training held the day before.

Participating CCR agencies should select people from their agencies to attend who have:

  • The ear and respect of the administration

  • Knowledge of the local system

  • A desire to improve existing practice in all intervening agencies

  • The ability to work well across disciplines and belief systems

  • An interest in improving the systems response to domestic violence

Together with GVI, the group will create a “Blueprint for Change” which will map the course of your CCR and each agency’s role in the process.

To do so, participants will:

  • Map their current system of interventions

  • Work together to complete a preliminary assessment of current  strengths and weaknesses in existing responses

  • Identify best (preferred) practices at each step of intervention to ensure safety and enhance offender accountability

  • Identify a method for the CCR collaborative to conduct a full assessment of current problems in the system

  • Agree on a process of implementing change

  • Prioritize changes to make and action steps for changing systems

  • Identify key personnel involved in making these changes

  • Develop an action plan and timeline for change

In order for organizers and participants to derive maximum benefit from the consultation, we suggest that other technical  assistance options.