Strategic Planning

Intended as a follow-up to the “Creating an Effective Coordinated Community Response to Battering” training and/or the “Key Players Implementation Consultation” this ½ to 1- day session is designed for the domestic violence program, other advocates, and the CCR coordinator to learn the practical skills and tasks of providing advocacy, developing leadership, and organizing in the community to ensure that your community’s CCR becomes a reality.

Topics/ activities include:

  • Effective post-arrest, institutional/systems and policy advocacy (skill building, job descriptions, procedures, work plans)

  • Developing and promoting individual- and reciprocal- agency policies, procedures, and forms

  • Tracking and monitoring activities to identify successes, locate gaps, and facilitate response changes

  • Reviewing arrest reports to identify concerns and work for remedies

  • Addressing deviations from policy effectively with decision makers

  • Meeting facilitation with individual agencies and inter-agency groups

  • Involving victims and translating their concerns into systems change

  • Promoting leadership within and among the agencies

  • Identifying allies and working with the broader community to support CCR change efforts

In order for organizers and participants to derive maximum benefit from the consultation, we suggest that other technical assistance options are also provided.