Gender Violence Institute

We believe that violence against women functions to maintain the inequalities that exist between men and women.

It is an understanding of the connection between violence, power, and privilege that guides our intervention and prevention efforts to end sexual and domestic violence. Through community organizing, policy development, education, and training, we work to promote the personal and cultural change necessary to end violence in women’s lives.

Gender Violence Institute (GVI) is a resource development and consulting firm founded by Rose Thelen and Chuck Derry in 1993 to end violence against women.

Since 1993, GVI has worked with professionals from a variety of disciplines in the law enforcement and criminal justice system, legal, legislative and elected bodies, academia, public health, human services, sexual assault and domestic violence programs in the U.S. and internationally. GVI is affiliated with Praxis International and MN Men’s Action Network to End Domestic and Sexual Violence.


  • The relationship of gender violence to inequality and other forms of oppression

  • The role of the community and culture in ending violence

  • The social construction of gender violence and inequality

  • And other topics related to ending violence against women.


  • Coordinated community response models

  • Best practices for law enforcement / criminal justice intervention

  • Primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence

  • Organizing men to get involved

technical assistance

  • Community Collaboration

  • Community Evaluation

Assess and Plan

Applying the methods of the Praxis Safety and Accountability Audit, this option provides an assessment of how cases are processed in your system as well as recommendations for change. While requiring more time upfront for the local program and the Gender Violence Institute (GVI), this consultation could save you months of work and kick-start any new or floundering CCR.

Key Players Training

This one-day round-table is intended for one or two key representatives from each agency participating in the local Coordinated Community Response (CCR).  Ideally, this event will follow – and participants will have attended – the Creating an Effective Coordinated Community Response to Battering training held the day before.

Strategic Planning

Intended as a follow-up to the “Creating an Effective Coordinated Community Response Training” or the “Key Players Implementation Consultation” this ½ to 1- day session is designed for the domestic violence program, other advocates, and the CCR coordinator to learn the practical skills and tasks of providing advocacy, developing leadership, and organizing in the community to ensure that your community’s CCR becomes a reality.